Pencil Cactus: Guide to Grow and Care

The Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli) is a fashionable plant for gardening and gives a distinct look to its numerous pencil-like branches. This plant belongs to the Euphorbia family and is generally found in the semi-tropical areas of Africa and India. This plant is also commonly known as white cloudy sap due to the release of white cloudy sap when cut. The Pencil Cactus requires discreetly low moisture and very bright lights to flourish. Even though this plant can be a brilliant houseplant for its unique shape, you should carefully handle this plant to avoid leaf singe and poisonous and irritant sap. Please continue to read this article to know how to grow and take care of the Pencil Cactus.

How to Grow a Pencil Cactus?

A Pencil Cactus is very easy to grow and requires very little care once it is accurately planted. The soil should reserve a little amount of water and therefore, the draining of the water has to be very well. You can use an unglazed or clay pot to plant the Pencil Cactus so that the pot can evaporate the extra moisture. However, for maximum growth, you must keep this plant in a bright location from where the plant can get direct sunlight. As the Pencil Cactus is not ideal for low light conditions, if you grow this plant indoors, you must place it near a window from where sufficient bright sunlight comes in.

This plant needs fertilization in spring due to its adaptation to very restricted fertility environments. You also need to put a very little amount of water for the survival of the plant. In winter, it is better to avoid watering the plant and allowing it to dry out, whereas, in summer, you can water the plant every two to three weeks.

Pencil Cactus Care:

  • Toxicity: Protech your eyes and mouth to avoid contact with the irritant and poisonous sap.
  • Light & Temperature: The Pencil Cactus requires bright sunlight and a sensible temperature (15°C -27°C) for survival.
  • Watering: Do not water until the soil dries out. Avoid overwatering.
  • Humidity: The drier environmental condition is preferable. It can also grow fine in normal home humidity.
  • Feed: In the months of spring, apply liquid fertilizer at a dose of half strength.
  • Height & Growth Rate: Even though the Pencil Cactus can be up to 30 feet tall, in the case of indoors, you can maintain the height up to the desired level. However, this plant grows slowly.

Above all, it’s easy and manageable to grow the Pencil Cactus and it will definitely give you an impressive look.