How to Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works?

Frankly speaking, nothing is more humiliating than a clogged toilette—It’s terrible enough that you have to cope with it, but having guests around is out of the question and very troublesome. In case you’ve ever wondered how to unclog the toilet when nothing works —then, we’re here to teach you simple and practical techniques to unclog it without hiring a plumber!

However, before proceeding with unclogging blocked toilets, shouldn’t we first understand how to prevent clogging?

Let us find out primarily the prevention of clogging—as this is the better way to avoid trouble and inconvenience in the future.

How to prevent the clogging of toilets?

Follow these steps to keep your toilet from clogging:

Flush the Toilet Bowl Deliberately

Dirty water might include pebbles and other things that, over time, may block your toilet. As a result, it is critical that you carefully examine everything you flush down the toilet.

Admittedly, anything aside from toilet paper and waste from your body should not be flushed into the toilet.

Perform a Double Flush more frequently

When you’re flushing, often, a stack of tissue paper in the bowl might cause it to get stuck—esp. when toilet paper and excrement collide in the bowl, the situation might deteriorate.

To efficiently flushed these to the toilet drain, a substantial amount of water is needed. Although, the procedure is rarely seamless, and water may overrun the top of the toilet bowl.

Thus, It would be ideal if you flushed your toilet at intervals.

Empty the Toilet Tank

Toilet tanks are commonly seen as extra storage space for bathroom items such as dish soap, brushes, and tissue paper.

It is not a good idea to in-line it with the toilet bowl — since these objects might fall into the toilet and, before you know it, you are looking for strategies to unclog the toilet.

Keep abreast of tree roots that may cause a clog

Clogged toilets can arise because of tree roots interfering with the regular operation of the main sewage lines.

Never use caustic drain cleaners

Using a powerful chemical to clean your toilet cause a chemical reaction with the drain pipes—corroding them. Impurities may enter the pipe if it is corroded, clogging the pipes and toilets.

5 Successful methods for clearing clogged toilets

Here are some tips on how to unclog the toilets.

1. Make use of a Plunger.

Most households will have a supplementary plunger on hand for clogged toilet situations, as a plunger can quickly unclog a toilet in minutes.

When you can’t unclog a toilet, a plunger is a fantastic item to have—for a vacuuming process.

2. Mix baking soda and vinegar together for an alternative

The existence of vinegar in the bowl will cause a reaction that will be visible in the form of bubbles—a solution made of baking soda and White vinegar can unclog toilets just by leaving it for some time.

3. Apply a Suction Cup

They particularly designed suction cups to suck away tiny clogs that are restricting the course of water in the drain.

4. Apply enzyme product.

An enzyme substance liquefies waste particles in toilets, allowing them to be unclogged promptly and effectively.

5. Make use of dish soap and heat in boiling water

This is one of the most basic clogged toilet remedies, as it loosens the obstruction and clears the drain line of any tenacious sludge.

If the plunger fails, what to do?

If the plunger cannot unclog your toilet, you can always use other procedures such as a plumbing snake, a wire coat hanger, and many more.

If it still doesn’t work and it becomes somehow serious— it’s time to consider emergency plumbing solutions. Begin by reaching for a plunger and applying firm, consistent pressure to create suction. If that proves ineffective, try a combination of hot water and dish soap, allowing it to sit for a while before attempting to plunge again. For more tenacious clogs, a plumbing snake or auger may be necessary to break up and remove the obstruction.