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  • What is the season for strawberries in California?

    What is the season for strawberries in California?

    There are quite a few reasons why people love to eat strawberries—the appearance relative to its color and structure is enticing, it is tastier as the sweetness is overwhelming; the scent has a savory aroma, and most of all, the nutritional value it offers. There are many ways to eat these strawberries as per your […]

  • Top 5 Restaurant Recipes

    Top 5 Restaurant Recipes

    A restaurant is generally a meeting place or a place to take chill with food – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. May it be in the form of a family gathering, catching up with friends, a business meeting place, a romantic date, or leisurely customers grabbing their favorite foods regularly. Dining out is the best option […]

  • Pomegranate: Seasons, Recipes, Health Benefits

    Pomegranate: Seasons, Recipes, Health Benefits

    Growing pomegranates does not need strenuous efforts. Just simply set it fully to direct sunlight with well-drained soil, then you’re good to go. Pomegranate grows in bushes around 7 to 8 in an area — great even for dry seasons as it is drought-tolerant. Although newly planted they bear fruits a little longer, approximately ranging […]

  • How to Make Capirotada?

    Capirotada is nothing but a Mexican Bread Pudding. It is a super easy traditional recipe to make in-home during a holiday. Ingredients for Capirotada Water 7 Cups Bolillo Breads 4 Piloncillo 5 Cloves 4 Cinamon 1 Orange Peel of an Orange Peanuts 1 cup Prunes 1 ½ cup Raisins ½ cup Queso Fresco 1 pack Butter […]