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Everyday Reading is a blog website that mainly promotes reading books, offers tips about how to enjoy reading, and recommends a list of books that are worth reading. The website also provides different sources to read the recommended book digitally, get an audiobook, and purchase a paperback copy of the book. Along with this, the blogger, Janssen Bradshaw also gives ideas for parents to maintain a healthy relationship with their kids. She admires parents to read and guides them on how to help their children fall in love with books.

The Website provides a free course named “Raising Readers” to help parents to teach their children to love reading. Interestingly, on this website, you will find different food recipes that you can enjoy with your family. So, the aim of the website is to help you to create happy family experiences.

About Everyday Reading

Janssen Bradshaw launched Everyday-reading.com in 2018. Since then, she has been providing a 12-month reading guide every year with one book to read each month. So, every month, she mentions a book and inspires her subscriber to read the book. She also briefly talks about the moth’s book on her Instagram stories. She has a lot of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Janssen launched the Everyday Reading Book Club in 2020. On the website, you can find the list of books for every year.

Free Course: Raising Readers

The Everyday-Reading website also offers a free course: Raising Readers that focuses to help parents to create a healthy reading environment in their home and help their children to love books. This free course provides tricks, tips, and titles to motivate children to read books.

This free course consists of five lessons. When you sign up for this free course, you will get one lesson every day through your email. Below are the five lessons that this course offers-

  • Lesson One: How to create a culture of reading in your home
  • Lesson Two: 20 captivating books for every age
  • Lesson Three: Tricks for making library visits fun for Everyone
  • Lesson Four: Why audiobooks should be your secret weapon
  • Lesson Five: Not just for bedtime: How to integrate reading all through your day

About Janssen Bradshaw:

Janssen Bradshaw is an American blogger who promotes reading books through her website. She has a master’s degree in library science that focuses on children’s literature. In her free course, she also mentions that she is a former head librarian of two elementary schools with over 800 students in Boston. She is also the mother of four daughters and she uses her experiences as a mother to influence and help people to recognize the importance of creating a reading environment in their homes. 

Everyday Reading on Facebook and Instagram

Everyday Reading has a Facebook page that has received 13K likes. Janssen regularly makes posts on her Facebook page about different tips and tricks for reading books and provides links to her website to help you get access to the full article.

On her Instagram account, she has made more than 5740 posts in total and she has 105K followers. She posts a lot of reels and series on Instagram about different books and reading tips.

Everyday-reading.com Website Traffic Statistics

As of March 2023, here are some interesting traffic statistics of everyday-reading.com-

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