Pink Breath of Heaven: Coleonema pulchellum

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “pink breath of heaven”? Heaven is the most wonderful place that we can hardly imagine. But when we find something purely fascinating, we tend to call that a heavenly product. The breath of heaven is something that you will love to inhale again and again. Why? It’s simply because of the freshness and the fragrance of the air.

Coleonema pulchellum is the pink breath of heaven because you will definitely love to sniff the fragrance of this flowering shrub again and again. This is an excellent shrub for outdoor gardening. This shrub produces airy, generous, pink flowers and fragrant, delicate foliage that creates a sweet-smelling perfume in the outdoor space. Due to plentiful pink-colored flowers, this shrub is known as the pink breath of heaven. However, the heavenly fragrance is not only because of its flowers but also of its aromatic foliage.

Things about the Pink Breath of Heaven:

The evergreen shrub, Coleonema is native to South Africa and this shrub can four to six feet tall as well as five feet wide. This beautiful-smelling shrub has soft and spike-like leaves and very tiny shiny pink flowers at the tips of the branches. The flowering season of this plant begins in the late winter and continues till the fall.

Coleonema pulchellum
General Description
Height4-6 ft.
Width4-5 ft.
Flower & Leaf
Color of the FlowerPink
Color of the LeafGreen
Flower SeasonLate Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Leaf Structure Needle-like
SunFull, Half
Soil TypeClay, Sandy, Rocky, Loam,
Growth RateModerate

Gardening Tips:

It’s very easy to plant and take care of Coleonema. This shrub is ideal for your outdoor house gardens and any other garden. To plant this shrub, you require well-draining soil, and you should try to avoid heavy clay soil. This plant also requires partly sunny areas or full sunny areas and very little grow healthy. Even though his plant does need a very little amount of water, you should be watering the plant regularly during its establishment period and the drainage of the soil has to be very well. Coleonema pulchellum’s foliage releases an aromatic fragrance when brushed. If you want to smell the pure fragrance of this plant, try planting. Besides heavenly fragrance, the pink breath of heaven has also an attractive appearance and that will definitely make your garden gorgeous.