Zevo Flying Insect Trap: Why Should You Purchase It?

Zevo Flying Insect Trap is a useful kit to kill a variety of insects, including gnats, flies, and fruit flies. This kit is also safe to use around your children and pets as this kit kills insects without odor or mess. So, how does it work? This kit attracts insects by using UV and blue lights and capturing them on its adhesive back. Therefore, it can be a useful kit to eliminate insects in any area or room in your house. Want to know more about this kit? Stay tuned with us to understand whether you should purchase this insect trap or not.

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Zevo Flying Insect Trap: Features and Specifications


  • Zevo Flying Insect Trap helps you to shield your children and family against buzzing invaders.
  • This kit uses a body heat attractant and multi-spectrum light technology to attract the insects.
  • There is an adhesive backing to trap the insects, such as fruit flies, house flies, and gnats
  • This kit uses no chemical insecticides to kill the insects.
  • Zevo trap is mess-free and odorless.
  • This kit can constantly attract flying insects.
  • You can plug it into any area of your house.
  • This kit includes one plug-in base and one trap cartridge.
  • One Zevo Flying Insect Trap Cartridge can provide you with 24-hour protection for 45 days.


Product NameZevo Flying Insect Trap
Overall Dimensions7 inches (H)* 3.3 inches (D)* 4.5 inches (W)
Weight11 Pounds
Application PlaceIndoor
PreventsFlying Insects
FormulationTraps Pests
Package Quantity1
WarningKeep out of reach of children, and animals, and keep out of eyes
DisposabilityDo not flush
OriginManufactured in the USA, or imported

Benefits of Zevo Flying Insect Trap

You can use Zevo Flying Insect Trap at any place in your house where you will find flying insects, including covered porches, garages, kitchens, entryways, or any interior rooms. Here are some major benefits of using this kit-

  • Attracts and Eliminates Insects:

By using an irresistible light spectrum, Zevo constantly attracts insects and then traps them into an adhesive backing. You do not need to touch the backing.

  • Light Bio-Attractant:

Following the navigational light patterns of the sun and moon, the Zevo trap uses a mixture of UV and blue light to charm insects.

  • No mess and No Odor:

Many insect-killer kits create an odor that is harmful to humans. However, this Zevo kit does not create any odor or mess. Therefore, this kit is very safe to use.

  • 24-Hour Protection:

Zevo Flying Insect Trap safeguards your family from annoying flies and insects throughout the whole day.

How to Use Zevo Flying Insect Trap?

  1. Remove the refill from the Zevo trap.
  2. Peel off the backing of the trap (look for the “Pull here” sign).
  3. Replace the refill through sliding.
  4. Plug the Zevo trap into an electrical outlet in your room.
  5. Check the trap after every 15 days.
  6. Offhand the dead insects.
  7. Replace the cartridge of the trap after 45 days.

How to Get the Best Result from Zevo Trap?

To get the best result from this kit, you should always plug the kit in.

You should also place the trap in the electrical outlets that are simply accessible by the flying insects or common areas of insects.

You should use the trap in indoor electrical outlets, including garages and entryways from where insects enter your house. You can also place the trap in a place where you think flies tend to gather.

If you think that Zevo flying insect trap is working well, you should change the location or electrical outlet. You should also make sure that the doors, computers, furniture, TV, etc. do not create obstacles for the trap.

Should You Purchase Zevo Flying Insect Trap?

This article has discussed how the Zevo trap works and what are the benefits of using this trip. Considering the benefits, this kit can be useful for you. However, you have to decide whether you need the kit or not. If you decide to purchase the kit, go through the online reviews of this product to have a better idea of the product.