Lowes Halloween Decorations 2023: Top Ten New Decoration Items

Halloween celebration is great fun for all of us. When it comes to decorating our homes like haunted houses with scary Halloween decorations, Lowes is the ultimate destination for most of us. From yard décor, and indoor animatronics, to scary outdoor décor, Lowes Halloween store has everything for you. This year, Lowes has already introduced several new and exciting items for indoor as well as outdoor Halloween decorations. Here, we will focus on the top 10 Lowes Halloween decorations for this year.

Lowes Halloween Decorations

Many of us can’t imagine Halloween decorations without Lowes. We eagerly wait every year for brand-new Lowes Halloween decorations. From a table runner and ghosts to pumpkin figurines, you will get everything at this Halloween store to create a scary atmosphere in your house. Along with numerous indoor Halloween decorations, you will also find various Halloween accessories, including tools for figuring pumpkins, Halloween candles, beautiful lights, and fog machines at Lowes. This year, Lowes has multiple brand-new items, including Halloween animatronics that will surely create a haunting glow around your house. So, let’s have a look at ten exciting Lowes Halloween decorations for this year.

1. Haunted Living 8-ft Lighted Animatronic Cemetery Angel Tombstone

This 8-ft animatronic cemetery angel is a tremendous Halloween decoration for indoor and outdoor uses. This item has flapping wings with a light-up candle and eyes to provide a scary feeling. The angel speaks five frightening spills. This item is one of the most exciting Lowes Halloween decorations of this year because of its huge size and scary looks. This Halloween decoration costs $249.00.


  • Flapping wings and animatronics
  • Light candle and eyes (LED bulbs)
  • Scary spills
  • For indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Has plug-in adapter with On/IR Sensor/Off and volume control facility

2. Haunted Living 6-ft Lighted Animatronic Guard Zombie

This is another scary Halloween animatronics from Lowes that is intended for indoor use. The guard zombie can lift and lower its arms. It has also grabbing animation to move forward and move its mouth. Every time you will activate the zombie, you will see light-up eyes, moving mouth with creepy sound effects, and blood-splashed costumes and this will continue for 18 seconds. Lowes uses pure polyester material to make the costume of the zombie so that you can hand wash the costume with mild soap. The price of this Halloween decoration is $209.00.


  • Lifting and lowering arms, moving mouth with creepy sounds, and attacks forward
  • Light-up eyes and blood-splashed costumes
  • Has UL plug-in adapter with On/Sensor/Off
  • Activation of IR Sensor

3. Haunted Living 12-ft Lighted Animatronic Scarecrow

This is a 12-ft giant-size animatronic scarecrow. The scarecrow looks scary not only for its huge size but also for its creepy sounds. It has an LED lambent flame effect and shining red eyes. It works with the activation of the footpad/ button or human sensor. It is available with an external speaker and volume control facility. The price of the Halloween Animatronic Scarecrow is $398.00.


  • 12-ft tall excluding the hat
  • Scary sound effects and phrases with genuine coordinated mouth movement
  • LED lambent flame effect and shining red eyes
  • an external speaker and volume control facility
  • Activation of the footpad/ button or human sensor

4. Haunted Living 5-ft Pneumatic Ghostly Woman

If you want to scare your guests with a ghost, then this 5-ft 10-inch Pneumatic Ghostly Woman can do the job for you. This ghostly woman screams, trembles, and suddenly jumps to its full height through pneumatics. You can use this Lowes Halloween decoration outdoors. The costume is maroon colored and made of pure polyester, therefore, you can hand wash this costume with mild soap. Place this item in a dry place and remove the connection from the compression when you are not using the item. However, you will require an electric-powered Air Compressor to operate the item and allow it to jump. This prop can cost $358.00 and $60/month with 6 months of instalments. If you purchase an air compressor and an air splitter along with the prop, you will have to spend approximately $540.00.


  • 70- inch tall, suddenly jumps to its full height through pneumatics
  • For outdoor uses
  • Plug-in adapter available with On/ IR Sensor/ Off and volume control facility
  • Requires an air compressor to function this prop

5. Haunted Living 9-ft Lighted Animatronic Ground-Breaking Zombie

This is a giant-size huge animatronic zombie. Even though this Halloween prop is comparatively a little more expensive than the others, this innovative prop will really make your Halloween decoration scary and enjoyable. This zombie makes frightening sounds and LED chest details and LED scary eyes. The zombie has a lantern in one hand and a gravestone or tombstone in another hand and both these items will be lit up. This prop also moves its arms. The cost of this prop is $598.00.


  • 9-ft tall animatronic zombie
  • Horrifying sounds, activation of the footpad/ button or human sensor
  • LED ribcage details and shining scare eyes
  • Lighted tombstone and lantern
  • Gravestone-rocking animation
  • An external speaker and volume control facility

6. Haunted Living 3-ft Pneumatic Clown

The mechanism of this pneumatic clown is quite similar to the pneumatic ghostly woman. This prop also lifts up suddenly to scare your guests. Besides the scary jump motion, the clown makes creepy sounds. You can hand wash the costume of this prop as it is made of pure polyester. This prop is for outdoor use. You have to remove the compressor’s connection when you are not using it and keep it in a dry and cool place. This prop costs $358.00, excluding the air compressor and air spitter.


  • 36-inch tall
  • Lifting up the pneumatic mechanism
  • Makes frightening sounds
  • For Outdoor Use
  • Requires an air compressor to function
  • Plug-in adapter available with On/IR Sensor/Off

7. Haunted Living 2-ft Pneumatic Grandpa

Even though this prop is only 2 ft, the scary grandpa can leave a horrifying impression. It provides realistic and ballistic movement as well as terrible whimpers of horror. To activate the human sensor or button/ footpad of this pneumatic, you will require an air compressor and 6V 2A DC adapter. It makes creepy sounds and has an external speaker and volume control facility. The cost of this prop is $358.00 without the air compressor.


  • Activation of the footpad/ button or human sensor
  • Requires an air compressor to function
  • An external speaker and volume control facility
  • Realistic and ballistic movement as well as terrible whimpers of horror
  • For outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble

8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 6.5-ft Lighted Animatronic Leatherface

If you are looking for a horrifying animated Lowes Halloween decoration, then the chainsaw massacre is a suitable option for you. The dimension of the chainsaw massacre is 6.5-ft H x 2.9-ft W x 3.5-ft D. The prop has an animated Leatherface and wears a bloody apron along with a formal dress and tie, and holds a bloody chainsaw. To act out chainsaw action, the massacre rotates and bends. It also offers horrifying chainsaw sound effects. This prop is only for indoor use. The price of this prop is $279.00.


  • A human-size animated Halloween décor with Leatherface, formal dress, bloody apron, tie, and chainsaw
  • Rotational and bending movements and chainsaw sound effects
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Only for indoor use

9. Haunted Living 6-ft Animatronic Bluetooth Reaper with Guitar

If you are interested to listen to a realistic rock performance from a ghost, then you can check out this prop. Lowes offers a reaper band, however, you can separately purchase this animatronic Bluetooth reaper. You can connect this prop to any Bluetooth device and enjoy rock music. You can also connect your reaper band drums and entertain your guests and neighbors. This prop offers realistic rock performance along with flashlights and animations. This prop costs $189.00.


  • Connects with any Reaper band drums and Bluetooth device
  • Flashlights, animation, rock performance
  • Sound and motion
  • Activation of footpad/button or 6V 2A DC adapter sound

10. Haunted Living 29-in Lighted Animatronic Jumping Girl

There are countless horror films around the globe that depict a little girl and her doll to scare people. This prop stirs up our childhood memory of horror films. This ghoulish little girl pops up suddenly at the visitors and produces quick attacking action. It will definitely give a shocking scare to your guests. The girl has spooky LED shining eyes. It makes scary sounds and delivers dialogue. This prop has an external speaker and volume control facility. The price of this prop is $139.00.


  • Activation of the footpad/ button or human sensor
  • Scary dialogue and sounds
  • Quick attacking action
  • Spooky LED shining eyes
  • For indoor use

These are the top ten Lowes Halloween decorations of this year. However, there are plenty of other exciting and horrifying Halloween decorations available at Lowes. You can visit the Lowes store physically or go to the website of Lowes and check out all the available Halloween decorations. From yard décor and animatronics to scary décor, you will get everything there. So, this Halloween, make your house a haunted place with Lowes Halloween decorations.