How to Clean a Chair Cushion? [Five Simple Methods]

Chair cushions can add comfort and style to your chair. But when it comes to washing a chair cushion or seat cushion, many people find it very challenging. Even though cushions or pillows are not machine washable, you can still clean them in a useful way. Your chair cushions will easily attract dirt and spread germs. This is why it is important to clean the chair cushions regularly to stay hygienic. However, depending on the nature of the dirt, you should apply particular treatments on your chair cushions. For instance, you can use vacuuming when there is dust, pet hair, or dander on your cushions. This will help you to remove the odors and debris. Here are some simple methods that you can follow to clean a chair cushion depending on the issue.

Materials and Equipment Required for the Cleaning Process:

  • Mild Detergent
  • Baking Soda
  • Soft Brush
  • Vacuum
  • A Bucket of Water
  • Clean Towel

Five Simple Methods to Clean a Chair Cushion:

Method 1: Wash the Covers of Your Chair Cushions

Many chair cushions or pillows have removable covers that you can wash through a washing machine. If your cushion or pillows have covers, then you can simply remove the covers and try gently machine wash. You should never forget to check the labels on the cushions. From the label, you may find cleaning instructions for your cushions. Follow the instructions while cleaning the covers. After washing the covers, let them air-dry. Then, you can put the dried covers on the cushions or pillows.

However, the real challenge comes into play when there is no cover on your chair cushion or you are unable to remove the covers. In that case, follow the below methods to clean your chair cushions.

Note: While cleaning your chair cushions, always wash the cushions on a clean and solid surface so that your cushions do not get new dirt, mud, or grass strains.

Method 2: Use a Regular Vacuum to Remove Dirt, Dust, and Debris

Your chair cushions will pick up dust, dirt, pet hair, and debris over time, especially when you have pets or use the chairs for outdoor events. Regular vacuuming with an upholstery attachment will help you to get rid of loose dirt and debris from the outer surface. Sometimes, a vacuum cleaner may not be useful to clean the hiding dirt in the crevices and seams. To clean the dirt in the gaps, you can use a small and soft brush with bristles, for instance, a toothbrush. You also don’t need to drag out the vacuum cleaner every time. To remove the pet hair, you can wear rubber gloves and just wipe the chair cushions with your hand. The rubber gloves are useful to lift the pet hair and dirt from the outer surface of your cushion.

Method 3: Cleaning for Spot and Spill

Spills are very common and often create spots on your cushion. When you can not machine wash the cushion covers, there are various ways to clean the spots. First of all, after spilling the beverage, you should immediately blot the spilt beverage using a clean and dry cloth or paper towel so that the liquid does not soak into the cushions. If you spill chocolates or spaghetti, you should gather the substance in the middle and grab that as much as possible to prevent the substance from spreading. Then use a vinegar-soaked cloth to remove the stains on the cushion. Vinegar is also useful to remove pet odors and stains. To get rid of the light stains from liquid spills, you can use dish soap or gentle detergent and blot the stains using a clean white wet cloth.

Method 4: Deep Cleaning

If you use your seat cushions regularly or you have not cleaned the cushions for a long time, then deep cleaning or a thorough cleaning is necessary. For deep cleaning, you have to mix 1 part of gentle detergent or liquid dish soap with 4 parts of water and then mix the solution well using a hand mixer to turn it into foam. Now, apply the foam on the outer surface of your cushion. Do not apply liquid or rinse the cushions. Instead, gently rub the foam on the fabric-based surface of the cushion using a soft brush. Then use a rubber scraper to take away the foam. Now, wipe down your cushion using a damp white cloth and let the cushion air dry. Once your cushion is completely dry, you can place it on your chair.

Method 5:  Freshening:

Even if there are no stains on your cushion, it can still smell pretty bad after a certain time. Freshening up will help you to remove the odor of your cushion. Baking soda is a great solution for odor removal. First, sprinkle some baking soda over the chair cushion and let it stay for an hour, and then clean the cushion using a vacuum cleaner. If the smell still remains, you can use more baking soda and repeat the process again. A spritz of white vinegar also works great as a refresher. You can create a mixture of the same amount of vinegar and water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle to apply on the cushions. You can also add a few drops of lavender or lemon or essential oil to the baking soda for a fancy cleaning. Sometimes, you can simply rest your cushions outside in an open place with good ventilation. Sunshine and fresh air can remove the funky smells from your cushions.

Note 1: Before applying vinegar, baking soda, or liquid dish, you should test it on a small area to recognize whether the liquid solution is affecting the cushion’s colors or not.

Note 2: Never forget to completely air-dry your cushions before using them. Every time you will clean your cushion, you should rest it outdoors in a warm and bright area. Otherwise, your chair cushions will get damaged and smell bad. By following the above-mentioned five simple methods, you can easily clean your chair cushions at your home and stay clean, healthy, and hygienic.