Different Ways You Can Decorate a Gazebo for a Wedding

The wedding day is probably the most special and memorable day of your life when you and your partner decide to stay together forever through the ups and downs. So, you would definitely have some dreams about the decoration of the wedding ceremony. An outdoor wedding or gazebo wedding is the best way to celebrate this beautiful day with your family and guests. Especially, after the Covid-19 outbreak, more and more couples started to opt for gazebo weddings to avoid spreading the virus. You can very easily design and style your gazebo for a dream wedding. You can add signage with your unique wedding hashtags to make it more trendy and modern. Another significant advantage of celebrating your wedding in your backyard is that you can save thousands of dollars.

While gazebo wedding has received so much attention, the decoration and the event design for the gazebo wedding has become more important. Here are some impressive ideas to decorate your gazebo wedding memorable with lights, beautiful flowers, and gracefully draped fabrics-

Fabric Drapes DecorationI. Hang curtains
II. Attach fabric drapes
Flower DecorationI. Wrap flowers around the pillars or hang them from the ceiling
II. Use flowers of white and vibrant colors, or fake florals
Hanging Basket DecorationI. Decorate with leaf garlands, lush greenery, real or fake florals, flower garlands, etc.
II. Hang petunias, hydrangeas, or geraniums.
Lighting DecorationI. Use lanterns and string fairy lights
II. Decorate with natural or battery-operated candles

Decorate with Fabric Drapes

The most popular and cost-effective way to decorate your gazebo is by adding drapes of fabric. Fabric decoration helps to create a dreamy, romantic, and beautiful environment for the wedding. You can wrap up and decorate your gazebo easily and differently due to the simple structure of the gazebo. There are various attractive ways to decorate your gazebo with drapes of fabric, curtains, hanging lights, and other decorations. You can attach drapes of fabric to the ceiling, outer edges, and around the supporting pillars of your gazebo. You can also hang curtains and style them with flowers.

Beautify with Flowers

Flower decoration is an essential part of the wedding. By adding flowers of different colors, you can enhance the beauty of your gazebo and make it look spectacular. White flowers create a great combination with fabric drapes and prepare a peaceful setting for your wedding while flowers with vibrant colors make your gazebo look elegant. To make a beautiful flower arrangement, contact a local florist who will decorate your gazebo with fresh flowers o fake florals. There are different ways to adorn your gazebo with flowers. You may also consider flowers of different colors. You can wrap the flowers around the columns of your gazebo or hang them on the ceiling.

Add Hanging Baskets of Plants

Hanging basket decoration is an excellent and sophisticated way to decorate your outdoor gazebo. You can fill a hanging basket with different beautiful elements, such as lush greenery, plants with blooms, fake or real florals, leaf garlands, flower garlands, branches, etc. If you are going to use beautiful plants, then petunias, hydrangeas, and geraniums are great options for this purpose. If you have a permanent gazebo and find a naturally grown vine over it, you should try decorating your gazebo using that vine and other additional foliage or flowers. Another useful way to decorate your gazebo wedding is by hanging sprawling plants like ivy or glass filled with air plants. To make it extra elegant, you can add miniature fairy lights or colored ribbons thread through the plants. At the entrance of your gazebo, you can place potted plants, such as olive trees, rose plants, hydrangea plants, and bay trees.

Embellish with Lighting

Lighting is the most crucial part of any ceremony including a wedding. You can not imagine a wedding without the decoration of lights and candles. Lighting makes a wedding elegant, memorable, and cheerful. Besides decorative value, lighting is also important for a cloudy day or at dusk when natural lighting is lacking. By using different types of lights, such as lanterns, string fairy lights, natural candles, or electronic candles, you can create the desired effect for your wedding. You can add lights on the pathways, or on the edges and roof of the gazebo. You can even place lantern lights at the entrances or twisting lights around the columns of the gazebo to create a magical setting.

Plan Ahead

Finally, you should plan ahead for your gazebo wedding so that you have enough time to execute your plans. There are different ways to decorate your gazebo for an elegant look. However, if you do not plan ahead, you will run out of time to try or install different decorations. For instance, you can paint your gazebo. You can also grow different flower plants around the gazebo. So, if you want to make your wedding unique and special, you should prepare a plan ahead of your wedding date.