Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: Important Facts and Caring Tips

The fiddle leaf fig or Ficus Lyrata is a gorgeous evergreen tree and a popular choice indoors due to its large and glossy leaves. This is fast growing plant and it can reach up to 10 ft. tall indoors. The most attractive part of this tree is its violin-shaped and heavily veined large leaves. As the fiddle leaf fig is a tall tree, you should allow this plant to grow at least 6 ft. in the case of indoor planting. However, this plant can be toxic to pets and babies, so keep your babies and pets away from this plant.

Quick Facts About Fiddle Leaf Fig

Botanical NameFicus lyrate
NicknameFiddle-leaf fig; Ficus lyrata bambino; Banjo fig
Plant typeEvergreen & Fiddle-shaped Large Leaves
Plant Matured Height50 ft. tall (outdoors), 10 ft. tall (indoors)
SunPartly sunlight, shade
SoilWell-draining, medium moisture, loamy
Flowering SeasonRarely flowers
Native AreasTropical western Africa
ToxicityToxic to pets and babies.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus lyrate is native to the rainforest areas of central and western Africa. Therefore, this plant requires wet and very warm conditions. This creates a challenge for people who want to grow this plant indoors. If you can not provide the right growing conditions, you will be unable to this plant efficiently. Therefore, in the case of indoor planting, you should place this plant near a window and rotate the pot after every few days so that every part of the plant gets sunlight. You should also provide a moderate amount of water and clean the leaves for better photosynthesis.

How to Grow?

This plant requires some maintenance as you should ensure that the plant gets almost the same natural humid environment.

  • Sunlight: Even though this plant can tolerate direct and regular sunlight, it is okay to keep this plant under indirect bright sunlight. It is ideal to avoid both heavy and low-light conditions. You should also clean up the dust on the leaves using a cloth for better photosynthesis.
  • Soil: Well-draining soil is perfect for the growth of fiddle leaf fig.
  • Water: During the months of summer, you should water this plant weekly once the topsoil gets dried. However, in winter, you should not water the plant frequently. Misting the plant during cold months will also work great. Excess watering can weaken the plant and the leaves will fall or lose their color.
  • Temperature & Humidity:  Keep this plant at room temperature (60 to 85-degree Fahrenheit) and avoid cold breezes. The ideal humidity level for this plant is 30% to 65%.
  • Fertilizer: You should provide the plant with high-nitrogen plant food during the growing season. You can avoid feeding the plant in winter.

So, follow these tips and grow the gorgeous-looking fiddle leaf fig.