Everything About Creeping Jenny Plant

The scientific name of Creeping Jenny is “Lysimachia Nummularia” and is from the family “Primerosses”. There are many ways to grow the Creeping Jenny plant. They can be planted in a moist conditions. It is easy to grow a plant. Some other names of Creeping Jenny plants are golden moneywort and golden creeping jenny.

Creeping Jenny Care

Creeping Jenny’s care is a very easy process. They can be planted in any moist condition. They can also be placed in any aquatic setting in nursery containers with a water fountain. The most traditional way of growing Creeping Jenny is coming out from the edge of the pot as shown in the figure above. The color of Creeping Jenny plants varies from yellow to lime green or “aurea”. Creeping Jenny Plant is a perennial plant, in other words, they are long-lasting plant.

Is Creeping Jenny Invasive?

The answer to this question is yes. Creeping Jenny Plant is invasive in nature. It tends to grow anywhere it finds moist conditions. It forms small roots if it finds moist soil in contact with the plant. It is important to stop the growth of the plant by breaking its chain into pieces.

Is Creeping Jenny Indoors Plant?

Creeping Jenny is a kind of plant that can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors. Keep in mind if you are planning to keep it indoors, make sure to expose it to sunlight and provide the necessary moist condition. Most preferably you can use self-watering containers at home for this type of plant.