Avoid Garage Makeover Rookie Mistakes, Hire a Professional Epoxy Finisher

What’s a garage for these days, just a place to park a car or truck? Maybe a convenient toolshed and storage place for old clothes, toys, things, and stuff no one can remember anymore? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of households in Kansas have the same issue. Just take a closer look as you pass by when their garage door is open. Boxes and stuff are piled up to the top because the garage tends to be the end-all, be-all for everything out of sight in a home. In fact, some garages are so full, that there’s no place to park the car!

What If a Garage Was More…

Fortunately, there’s a different scenario. If one decides to finish the flooring in a garage, it starts to become far more useful than just a storage bin. Combine the flooring finish with smart, effective cabinetry and counters, and that garage suddenly becomes an effective additional room for the same house. The difference can be life-changing in some cases, resulting in a better approach towards storage, maybe starting a business, or having a place for entertainment that gets out of the way of the normal home. It could even operate as a second kitchen, which comes in really handy for big feeding events and the holidays.

Get Rid of the Resistance

The biggest block towards using a garage better tends to be the fact that it is not finished. Raw cement, unfinished walls, and exposed wiring just make it look like a shed closet, and most people just want to get out of the place instead of using it for more. However, once the floor is finished, suddenly the garage becomes far more practical and functional. It only makes sense then to drywall and paint the walls, add in fixtures, and really finish off the room, as well as park the car in a better way to access everything. This transformation starts with epoxy flooring in Kansas City.

Not An Easy DIY Job

However, epoxy flooring isn’t really a do-it-yourself job. While almost all the big box hardware stores will pitch their DIY products as well as try to quickly sell all the tools for a one-day job, the reality is that epoxy flooring involves a lot of technical work most consumers are not ready to engage in. First off, an acid bath does a very poor job of preparing a garage floor. This is the go-to quick solution for preparation, again pitched as an easy DIY, but it’s dangerous, toxic, and provides poor stripping performance. Instead, proper stripping involves actually grinding and then treating the cement for a fully reliable adhesion of the epoxy later.

Go Professional for the Best Work

Smart homeowners who have done their research bring in a professional team for epoxy garage floors in Kansas City. This comes with a number of advantages: 1) the team brings all the right tools and experience for every phase of the work, 2) mistakes are minimized due to experience and technical knowledge most consumers would need years to match, and 3) when finished teams remove all the waste and leftover material for a fully finished job and cleaned area. Remember, much of the material and stripping waste has to be handled properly; you don’t get to just dump it in the garbage can for local pickup. 

Hands down, epoxy flooring is a game changer for homes, and matched with a professional installation team, the end product is something the other neighbors will be truly jealous of.