A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Narrow Bedside Table for Your Space

A bedside table is an essential piece of bedroom furniture – it provides practical storage as well as styling opportunities to reflect your personal taste. When space is limited, a narrow bedside table is a smart choice to save precious square footage without sacrificing functionality.

Selecting a narrow bedside unit requires some consideration around size, style, and purpose to find the right fit. This guide covers the benefits of choosing a slender bedside table, where they work best, factors to weigh up when buying, and tips on styling it beautifully in your bedroom. Read on for advice to help you pick out the perfect narrow bedside table.

Why Choose a Narrow Bedside Table?

There are several advantages to opting for a narrower bedside table over a standard-width one:

Space Optimization

A narrow bedside table has a smaller footprint, taking up less precious real estate in your bedroom. Even just a few inches of reduced width can make an impact in a compact room, enabling extra floor space around the bed and a less cramped appearance. The modest proportions prevent it from encroaching on circulation routes. They are an efficient use of available square footage.

Visual Balance

A narrowly proportioned bedside table also lends pleasing aesthetics to petite sleeping spaces. Its slender silhouette prevents furnishings from dominating a small room, helping maintain an airy, spacious ambiance. The scaled-down size balances beautifully beside beds and other bedroom furniture.


The reduced width of a narrow bedside table means it can slip into tight corners that other furniture can’t. This makes them flexible for filling awkward nooks or placing flush beside a bed in a narrow room setting. Even irregularly shaped rooms can accommodate a modestly sized unit with storage.


Owing to the lower cost of materials, narrow bedside tables frequently have a very wallet-friendly price tag. Opting for a streamlined unit over bulkier pieces makes revamping your bedroom more budget-conscious and achievable. Less width equates to great value.

Where is a Narrow Bedside Table Best Suited?

While a compact narrow bedside table can work well in many bedroom schemes, they are especially suitable for:

Smaller Bedrooms

A narrow piece for sleeping quarters limited on square footage helps conserve precious floor space for moving around. Even units with generous drawer storage typically have minimal surface bulk. Preventing cramped appearance as the modest width leaves room to breathe.

Awkwardly Shaped Rooms

A consciousness narrow bedside option brings versatility where floorplans limit furniture placement. The reduced width enables them to tuck flush beside a bed nestled in an angled ceiling niche or placed diagonally to accommodate a skewed wall outline with centimeters to spare.

Minimalist Aesthetic

Those favoring a streamlined, contemporary interior look can benefit aesthetically from the scaled-back scaled-back profile of a narrow bedside unit. The pared-backported-back, linear dimensions align with muted color schemes and the absence of elaborate detailing to enhance fuss-free philosophies.

Multi-Functional Living Spaces

A narrow bedside profile prevents spatial intrusion when the bed is not in use for studio apartments where sleeping and living zones co-exist. The modest width prevents imposing on adjacent workspace areas or living room seating—an adaptable, chameleon piece.

Rented Accommodation

For short-term or shared housing arrangements where permanent furniture upgrades aren’t feasible, a narrow bedside table’s compact footprint makes for an easy take-anywhere solution when it’s time to move on.

Seating Areas

In lounges or bedrooms where floorspace is already monopolized by existing seating, a lean side table silhouette squeezes beside without further congestion. This helps maximize seating capacity.

Selecting the Perfect Narrow Bedside Table

With many dimensions, designs, and materials available – from painted wood to glass-topped – selecting a narrow bedside table that perfectly suits your needs requires some consideration around:

Size and Dimensions

Measure the floor area and any adjacent furniture that the bedside table needs to fit beside. This will help determine the maximum dimensions. Also, assess your storage needs. Some narrow units incorporate deep drawers.

Style and Material

Narrow bedside tables span a spectrum of decorative preferences from classic to contemporary. Assess if painted, wooden, mirrored, or glass surfaces best reflect your room’s current scheme. The texture and tone should coordinate with existing furnishings.


Determine what features are non-negotiable for your needs and lifestyle. Do you require open and closed storage for books and bedtime essentials? Charging docks? Drawer dividers? Style accents like a bold colour or metal base? Maximise usefulness within the compact proportions.

Assembly Requirements

While some narrow bedside units arrive fully constructed, flat-pack options offer more size flexibility during delivery. Determine if you need pre-built furniture or if you can assemble it.


Narrow bedside tables span a wide range of price points. Setting a realistic budget eliminates expensive impulse purchases and focuses the selection process on pieces that make financial sense for your situation.

Tips for Styling Your Narrow Bedside Table

Once you’ve selected the optimal narrow bedside table, styling it in harmony with the surrounding bedroom scheme is important for a polished, purposeful appearance. These tips can help:

Keep it Clutter-Free

Resist overloading the compact surface area to avoid visual clutter. Store rarely used items in drawers and display only daily essentials. This keeps the aesthetic streamlined.

Layer Textures and Colors

Bedding throws, cushions, and trays in complementary tones and materials create an alluring still-life composition. Introduce eye-catching details through delicate patterns and metallic touches.

Utilize Vertical Space

Take styling cues from magazine shoots and retail vignettes by displaying decorative objects at varying heights. For example, place standing frames behind shorter accessories. This boosts visual interest within the narrow proportions.

Personalize It

Showcase treasured travel trinkets, photos, and art to make the space distinctly yours. A house plant also enhances individuality while bringing the outdoors in.

Maintain Balance

For households sharing a narrow bedside table, organize each side equivalently. Neatly storing everyone’s belongings in the provided storage maintains equilibrium while projecting a harmonious image.


Selecting a narrow bedside table requires balancing aesthetics, ergonomics, and practical storage within a compact footprint that saves square footage. Assessing your space, functionality needs, and style preferences will guide you in determining the perfect slender proportions. Strategic styling can help you elevate your bedroom scheme with streamlined furnishing. Follow the advice in this guide to pick a narrow bedside unit that fulfills both form and function.