7 Great Alternatives to Timber Picket Fencing

We all want to feel safe at home. After all, where else do you retire each night to rest your weary head on a pillow? Where else can you cuddle the kids, cook some popcorn and put on a movie to entertain yourself? Home should be a place of safety, comfort, respite and relaxation. That’s why fencing is so important. A good quality fence should protect your property, delineate the boundary of your lot and protect your privacy, as well as your neighbours. And most people love a white picket fence for their front yard. However, in this day and age, there are so many viable alternatives to timber picket fencing that you’d be mad not to explore them. This helpful article will share 7 great alternatives to picket fencing, so read on to learn more about this exciting topic.

1. PVC Fencing

Durable PVC fencing is an excellent alternative to timber picket fencing every time. PVC, which stands for ‘polyvinyl chloride’, is an affordable and sturdy fencing solution for all property types. Unlike metal or timber fencing, PVC is very resistant to rust, mould and other forms of decay and disrepair caused by harsh climatic conditions that are prevalent across the globe and from season to season. Simply put, PVC fences are durable, will last decades, and can be painted to match or contrast with your home. You can’t go wrong with a sturdy PVC fence for your front yard.

2. Low Horizontal Timber Fence

This is another excellent alternative to a timber picket fence, while retaining a classic timber aesthetic. This type of fencing is particularly suited to modern, contemporary homes. A low fence is inviting, and favours style over privacy but is ideal for a front yard, and you can have higher fencing along the side and back of your home. 

Lower horizontal slat timber fencing will still require some maintenance (like any timber fencing). For instance, owners of these fence types should be ready to do some occasional sanding, staining and painting. Still, because it is smaller than a picket fence, it will require less maintenance than the alternative, and its refreshing design makes this fencing one of our favourite types of timber fences.

3. Vinyl Fencing

Another excellent alternative to picket fencing is a high vinyl fence. This style retains the classic timber look while being constructed of durable and sturdy vinyl. You won’t have to worry about staining, sanding or any of the associated maintenance with timber fencing while getting all the benefits of the style. A decent pressure wash once a year will keep it clean, and you can get this fence in many sizes and styles to suit your home’s curb appeal.

4. Stucco Fencing

This next one is a popular choice in the United States. Concrete stucco looks amazing and suits all home styles, from townhouses to Californian Bungalows. A low, sturdy stucco fence is a great idea, but it may not suit a rendered home as the concrete vibe may be too much for some people.

5. Lattice Fencing

Another viable alternative to the classic timber picket fence is timber lattice. You get the appeal, sturdiness and look of timber but in a deliciously alternative style. Lattice will make a great impression as a wall of texture as a front piece for your home and also works well for noise reduction, which is ideal if you live on a busy street or road. An added bonus to this type of fencing is that you can plant flowers, vines or climbing plants on it to create a living wall – ideal for the green thumbs.

6. Stone and Iron Fencing

This is not for the budget savvy, as this type of fencing is quite expensive, but a solid stone with iron above is a gorgeous and period-style vibe that suits cottages and cabin-style homes. This style of fencing gives a nod to tradition, adds flair to the front of your property and will coordinate well with your garden and plants. 

7. Wrought Iron

A sturdy wrought iron fence will provide the feeling of timeless design with a whole slew of practical benefits for your home. The strength of the iron offers excellent security measures and is a great deterrent against intruders and nosy parkers. It’s also durable and can withstand extreme summer and winter weather. Minimal maintenance is required, making it an ideal fence for the busy homeowner. The many different design possibilities make it ideal for both modern and traditional homes. It will also add value to your home, boosting curb appeal. 

A Fencing Summary

This informative article has shared seven excellent alternatives to timber picket fencing to help get you inspired for a fencing upgrade for your property. If it’s time for a new fence, consider these seven ideas for your home. From PVC, to vinyl and wrought iron, there should be something to suit everyone in this handy list.