6 Strategies To Get Your Dallas Home Sold

Does the idea of a “for sale” sign in your front yard for many months overwhelm you? Do you dread the thought of strangers coming to walk through your home with barely a few hour’s notice? The average timeline of selling a property in the Dallas, Texas, area can be between 60 to 120 days. This guide covers a few strategies that can help you minimize the time it takes until it is sold.

Understand the Local Market in Dallas

Understanding the local market helps you design and market your home in a way that today’s buyers want. For example, you may notice that homes with modern kitchens sell faster than those with outdated designs. Perhaps buyers in your area prefer hardwood floors over carpets. Every market is different, so it’s important to understand yours. Understanding the local market can also give you an idea of what to expect, including how long it takes to sell and how likely it is that you’ll get an offer for your asking price.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing that potential buyers notice as they pull up to view your property. An outdated or unmaintained curb appeal can displease buyers before they even step foot into your home. Take the time to mow the lawn and trim the bushes. Consider a fresh coat of paint on the front porch or door. Add a few potted plants and a welcoming seating area on the front porch. Making your home look nicer from the outside could also potentially earn you higher offers.

Get an Inspection

Paying for an inspection before you receive any offers can help potential buyers better understand your property’s condition. Typically, the buyer will schedule and pay for the inspection after they have an accepted offer. However, by including a copy of your own inspection to all interested buyers, you may skip the unexpected surprise of certain repairs. You can also make any necessary repairs before ever listing the property, which could speed up the time until closing.

Sell for a Cash Offer

When being in a rush to sell your Dallas house, you would typically turn to a cash sale. When buyers pay in cash, they don’t have to follow the strict requirements that most lenders have. You don’t have to wait for lengthy underwriting processes or appraisals. Another benefit of cash buyers is that you usually don’t have to make any repairs or renovations. Cash buyers typically purchase a property as-is. Of course, you’ll have to find a cash buyer to take advantage of this option. The process of selling for cash is also typically very easy. All you have to do is submit a request form with your address, and you should have an offer within a few days.

Consider Rent to Own

Selling your home in a rent-to-own agreement could also remove many of the strict requirements common with selling. You’ll sign a rent-to-own agreement with a tenant rather than listing your home and transferring the title upon the sale completion. Your contract will have a time period during which the buyer will pay rent. At the end of the contract, the buyer must obtain their own financing and purchase the home at the agreed-upon price. While a rent-to-own agreement can be an option for harder-to-sell homes, it may not be the best option for homeowners who need to sell quickly. It’s also important to note that becoming a landlord has its own built-in costs, which can cut into your profits.

Know Your Needs Ahead of Time

Understanding your needs ahead of time can help you make a logical decision when it comes time to sell. It’s easy to get caught up in the selling process and try to get as much money as possible. However, real estate deals can easily fall through, leaving you with nothing. In the meantime, you’ll have to continue making mortgage payments and keeping the house in good condition, too.

Additionally, many costs come with selling, including real estate commissions and title transfer fees. Holding out for a higher price will typically mean more closing costs. Decide how much you owe, the amount you’d like beyond that, and how much you can expect to pay in commissions before listing your home. Decide a price you’d accept and one you’d have to turn down. Don’t forget to compare this price to the potential of selling for cash, which usually requires far fewer fees.

Selling your home isn’t always the most convenient process. Speed up the timeline until you can offload your real estate asset by improving your home’s curb appeal and paying for your own inspection. Selling your home to a cash buyer is also one of the fastest and most convenient ways to sell property.