What Timeline Should I Expect for Fire Restoration?

Once you’ve been the victim of a fire on your property, there’s only one thing on your mind: when can my life go back to normal? Fire remediation isn’t always easy to wait for, but depending on how destructive the fire is, you’ll need to exercise patience.

However, provided that you’re working with a team of industry professionals, you should have a clear timeline for completing your restoration. Here’s what that could look like.

Restoration Timing

The most important thing to note about fire restoration timelines is that the faster you begin the process, the easier everything becomes. Waiting or hesitating to get professional fire restoration can lead to permanent discoloration of appliances or walls, odors setting in, and even damage to the structural components of your property.

So, what is the first step in restoration? Let’s start from the beginning, right after you’ve called a fire restoration company and gone through your standard fire safety protocol.

Initial Inspection

A specialist should come to your home or business to determine the extent of the damage. They’ll comb through every inch of the property, recording information as they go. You’ll receive a pricing quote once they have a better idea of the problem areas and how to proceed. 

This process is relatively quick, and getting the quote should be as well. A fire restoration company knows time is of the essence; getting started is their top priority and should be yours, too.

The Cleanup

Professional restoration always starts with a thorough cleaning. These companies have high-quality cleaning products and tools specially formulated to handle the aftermath of a fire. They’ll first ventilate the entire space with high-powered fans to prevent the smoke from embedding into your home.

The cleanup timeline will vary widely depending on the square footage affected by the fire and how bad it was. Some cleanups can finish within a few days, while others could be much longer. Your fire restoration specialist should give you a more accurate timeline based on what they found during the inspection.

The Treatment

Treating the home with the correct products is essential to eliminate the smoke smell. This process should only happen through a professional restoration service. While other products may help stave off the scent for a time, professional treatment involves using ozone technology that permanently removes the smell of smoke from your home. This step is usually the quickest. But it can still vary and take longer if you have more surface area to cover. 

The Restoration

Finally, you have the actual restoration, where the experts restore your property to its original state. This process can involve more cleaning and deodorizing, especially as they delve deep into the damage. However, this step ensures the building’s structure is sound.

Other elements, like pipes and electrical, will also get attention here. Anything not addressed during the cleanup or odor treatment will get done here. Restoration will likely take the longest, as it can involve removing things beyond repair. You may also need to have things rebuilt, which can take considerable time.

Understanding Your Restoration

The unfortunate reality of fire restoration is that it could take a long time; fires aren’t keeping your timeline in mind when they devastate your property. But with professionals’ help, the average restoration timeline is anywhere from weeks to months. 

Many other factors can influence how long your restoration will take. For example, water damage and mold growth are specialized issues that require individual attention. The condition of your home before the fire starts can also impact how long your restoration takes. 

Remember that the goal isn’t to rush you back into a home, no matter how extensive the damages. Doing so would be unprofessional and unsafe. You want to return to your property confidently, knowing you can finally put the experience behind you. Moving forward is faster and easier with professional fire restoration. Do yourself the favor of getting your life back after a tragedy like this, and hire a company to keep you in the loop as they restore your space.