Top 7 Signs It’s Time to Call a Plumber for Repairs

Many plumbing tasks are best left to the experts. Even seemingly minor issues like a running toilet or leaky faucet can quickly escalate into major problems if not dealt with right away.

Expert plumbers can swiftly identify and fix problems thanks to their specialized tools and equipment. Plus, they have years of experience dealing with various plumbing problems. In this blog, we will discuss the top 7 signs to call a plumber for repairs.

1. Water Pressure Drops

If water pressure drops suddenly, this is a sign of a problem with your plumbing system. A broken pressure regulator or a burst pipe could cause it.

Low water pressure can make washing laundry, washing dishes, or taking showers difficult. This is also a perfect time to call a plumber for an inspection.

There are two main shut-off valves for your home’s water supply — one on or in your house and another at the meter. Sometimes, these valves may be throttled back, so it is essential to ask a plumber to ensure they are open entirely.

2. Water Leaks

It’s time to call in a professional plumber if you see water stains on your walls or ceiling or in places where they shouldn’t be. These signs usually indicate a leak in your home’s plumbing system.

Leaking pipes, faucets, and toilets can lead to significant water damage and skyrocketing utility bills. A plumber can use temporary fixes like pipe clamps and plumber’s tape to halt the leaks and alleviate some of the pressure on your pipes.

A sewage smell in your home is unpleasant and indicates a severe problem with your plumbing’s sewer line. Sewage backups require professional attention, as they can pose health and safety risks.

Don’t let leaks lurk in the shadows! Take control of your plumbing and your peace of mind. Call a plumbing company Ohio today and safeguard your home from the silent threat of unseen leaks!

3. Clogged Drains

If you hear gurgling noises when you run water, it indicates that your drains are clogged. This is usually caused by a build-up of organic material, like food waste, blocking the drainpipes. A plumber will be able to clear the clog for you and resolve the issue once and for all.

Discolored water flowing from a faucet is another sign that your drainpipes need repairs. This could result from air in your pipes or rust from aging pipes. It’s best to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

4. Discolored Water

If the water in your home is yellow, brown, or orange, this may indicate that there are rust and sediment problems in your pipes. Calling a plumbing company to fix these issues before they worsen is essential.

Discolored water can also occur when city lines experience a sudden change in pressure. This can stir up the dirt, rust particles, and other sediment that usually settles at the bottom of water line pipes. Such events can be caused by water main breaks, changes in service demand, or even when fire hydrants are opened or flushed in your neighborhood.

5. Wet Spots on the Walls or Floor

There are specific issues with your home’s plumbing that you can not ignore. These problems require professional attention and should be handled as soon as you notice them to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Water stains on your walls or ceilings suggest a leaky pipe. These stains can lead to mold and mildew, requiring mold removal services and wall repair.

A sudden increase in your water bill is also a sign of a leaky pipe. A leak can cause several issues with your home, including low water pressure and sewage backup.

6. No Hot Water

There’s nothing worse than turning on your shower to find that no water is coming out. If this is the case, it’s time to call a plumber immediately.

Gurgling is another sign that it’s time to call a plumber. This noise indicates a problem with your plumbing system’s venting, meaning water isn’t adequately drained.

While these problems may seem minor, they can lead to more significant issues if addressed slowly. By watching for these signs, you can catch plumbing problems before they become serious.

7. Slow Drains

A plumbing system is a complex network that brings clean water into your home and pumps waste out of it. You must watch for any problems with your pipes so you can call a plumber immediately.

If you notice a foul smell coming from your drains, it may be a sign of a sewage backup or clog. This can lead to many unpleasant symptoms, including a wet basement and contaminated water.

It’s also a good idea to call a plumber if you hear the pitter-patter of water running in your walls or ceilings. This could indicate a significant leak that can damage your home and lead to high water bills.