The Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Moving out can be a hectic process fraught with a lengthy to-do list. Among the critical tasks, ensuring your space is spotless for the next occupant ranks high. But where do you start?

That’s where our ultimate move out cleaning checklist comes in-a thorough guide designed to take the guesswork out of cleaning when moving. Whether you’re considering hiring moving cleaning services or tackling the task yourself, this checklist is your roadmap to leaving your place in tip-top shape. Say goodbye to cleaning woes and hello to a seamless moving experience.

Gathering Cleaning Supplies

Before diving into cleaning, it’s essential to have all the necessary supplies on hand. It ensures you don’t waste time running back and forth to the store or searching for supplies mid-cleaning. Here are some must-have items to add to your move-out cleaning arsenal:

  • all-purpose cleaner
  • glass cleaner
  • baking soda
  • white vinegar
  • microfiber cloths
  • sponges and scrub brushes
  • mop and bucket
  • vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • gloves
  • trash bags

Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in a home, so it’s crucial to leave it sparkling clean for the next occupants. Here’s what you should focus on when cleaning kitchen appliances:


Empty and defrost the refrigerator before removing shelves and drawers to clean them with warm, soapy water. Wipe down the interior and exterior of the appliance, paying attention to handles, knobs, and seals.


Remove food debris from the oven and stove using a degreaser or baking soda paste. Don’t forget to clean the stovetop and knobs as well.


Wipe down the microwave’s interior with a damp cloth and warm, soapy water. Use a glass cleaner for any stubborn stains or food residue on the door.


Run an empty cycle with a cup of white vinegar to eliminate odors. Clean the exterior of the dishwasher with an all-purpose cleaner.

Sink and Countertops

Scrub the sink with a mixture of baking soda and warm water. Wipe down countertops with an all-purpose cleaner and dry thoroughly.

Bathroom Cleaning

Next up is tackling the bathrooms in your home. Here’s what should be on your checklist:


Use a toilet brush and bowl cleaner to scrub the inside of the toilet. Wipe down the exterior, including the tank and handle.


Remove any soap scum or mildew with a mixture of baking soda and water. Don’t forget to scrub grout lines and rinse thoroughly.

Living Areas

The living areas of your home often include high-traffic areas that need special attention when cleaning. Here’s what to focus on:

  • floors
  • windows
  • walls
  • light fixtures

For those overwhelmed by the comprehensive checklist or short on time, consider hiring experts like Abby Cleaning Service for your move-out cleaning needs. Abby Cleaning Service specializes in detailed cleaning tasks, ensuring your space shines and meets any landlord’s or new occupant’s standards.

Consider These Guides for the Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Leveraging our move out cleaning checklist ensures no corner is overlooked, offering a comprehensive guide to deep cleaning your space efficiently. This checklist empowers you to tackle each task methodically, from kitchen to bathroom, ensuring a spotless home ready for its new occupants. Remember, a well-executed move out clean not only secures your deposit but also paves the way for the next chapter in your life with peace of mind.

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