The Impact of “House Hunters” on Home Flipping Trends

Home renovation shows, such as the popular House Hunters series, have significantly influenced the public’s behaviour in buying, selling, and renovating homes. Clients are now more willing to purchase homes in need of renovations after watching these shows and becoming familiar with the renovation process. The impact of these programs is significant, considering their extensive broadcasting history and their wide reach across millions of American households each month.

Not only HGTV but also shows on alternate networks like PBS’s “This Old House” have had a lasting influence Moreover on how consumers perceive home renovation. This influence has resulted in a transformative effect on the housing market on a large scale. According to Architectural Digest, there has been a noticeable increase in sales for home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot, which can be directly attributed to the public’s growing interest in home redesign.

The Show Offers You to Choose From 3 Options, But There Are More Options in Life

When searching for a home to buy, you have the freedom to view as many houses as needed until you find the perfect one for you. Sometimes, it takes only a few showings to find a home that meets all your requirements, but sometimes it can take dozens… and even more after that. While it may seem tiring to conduct extensive searches, experienced real estate agents are accustomed to putting in the effort to find a home that precisely matches the buyer’s non-negotiables.

The influence of popular home renovation shows has altered the process for some home buyers. For instance, “House Hunters” has gained such fame that some first-time buyers assume they are only allowed to see three houses during their search, leading them to be overly picky, according to a Missouri Realtor. On the show, the real estate agent presents clients with three homes, and the client must choose from among them, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each property.

However, E! News reveals that before filming, contestants have likely already purchased one of the homes, and the other two are merely for show. Hence, buyers who are concerned about wasting an option on a home they are uncertain about can be reassured. You are free to attend as many home showings as you desire.

When you watch House Hunters, don’t focus on the number of options available. At the same time, the House Hunters example may be useful. If you’ve looked at a dozen houses, try to pick a few of the best ones and compare them to each other, or let everyone vote. By the way, repair trends are also associated with such shows. They often create the illusion that interior design is not that important, because it’s all easy to fix. Only shows often ignore the issue of price and inconvenience associated with repairs. Make sure you understand the challenges involved before following design trends.

Effective Staging

Popular TV series such as “Property Brothers” and “Love It or List It” often demonstrate how home staging can dramatically transform a space, enabling potential buyers to envision themselves living there. Staging creates an inviting and spacious atmosphere, resulting in faster sales and potentially higher selling prices. Realtors should consider teaming up with professional stage designers or offering staging guidance to clients in order to present homes in the most favourable way possible.

It’s Risky

Flipping houses requires a strong resolve. Real estate investments carry risks, but they often pay off in the long run. Flippers focus on short-term risk: quickly acquiring affordable properties (cash offers are crucial), renovating at a rapid pace, and selling quickly. Ideally, this results in a tidy profit within months. However, if things go astray, you may end up with a money pit or a house that sells below your desired margin.

According to Michael J. Franco, a Compass broker, flipping has become more challenging due to shrinking profit margins and increased renovation costs. Investors face even greater hurdles. Don’t think that everything is as simple as in the show.

Shift Towards Turnkey Homes

According to The Balance, home renovation shows have popularized the concept of house flipping. In this process, a buyer purchases a cheaper, rundown home, renovates it, and then sells it for a profit. To enhance seller profits, these homes are presented on the market with new appliances, well-maintained yards, and carefully staged interiors. This portrayal creates the impression that all homes on the market should strive for the same level of perfection.

However, the reality is often different when purchasing a non-televised home or one that has been lived in without profit in mind. Buyers who prefer not to undertake renovations themselves may be discouraged by homes without a glossy presentation. Thanks to home renovation shows, buyers now expect everything to be in perfect working order when they move in, and an outdated kitchen or an unappealing bathroom can deter them from considering a property.


The show House Hunters gives the best insight into the real estate market, but at times it creates a false impression of simplicity or inflated expectations. However, without real experience, buyers, sellers, or those involved in home flipping will not be able to succeed. Still, it’s better to have at least a basic understanding of the real estate market with the show than to go against the trends.