Kitchen Makeovers Have to Be Trendy and Soothing! Do You Need Help with This?

Many old Austin homes opt for kitchen remodelling after bathrooms to boost their property’s ROI. Each project doesn’t need to be of scale. Minor improvements also help increase home value while allowing locals to recover their remodelling expenses over time. However, before doing anything in this area, everyone must understand their expectations from a project of this nature as it involves more than repairing. Do you want better returns from your property over time or to revive your kitchen’s aesthetic and functional appeal? In either case, such projects demand good investment, but prices for these works are still more affordable in the Austin area than the national average. Clarity about design goals leads you to choose the proper features and fixtures for your space. It also lets you keep pace with the city’s emerging design trends that cover an entire journey from concepts to reality.

At the same time, you can approach the right Austin handyman for your specific needs. Nevertheless, here is a quick glimpse into 2024 kitchen revamp trends. If you plan to go for minor upgrades here and there, these can inspire your selection. 

Color palette 

In the early 2020s, stylish kitchens promoted monochrome themes. Many designers emphasized all-white interiors. But 2023 defied this choice by making heavy use of hot pink. It attracted the attention of ambitious homeowners and courageous designers. 2024 may not see the continuation of what happened a year ago, but the chances of falling back on all-white surroundings are also less likely. Predictions hint at the coming back of bold colors into the kitchen. However, everything will be done this time with a balanced outlook – not solely all-white or too aggressive a shade for social media virility. A warm and inviting look will garner more favors. Blue and green will likely stick around, but colors close to nature will be extra appealing this New Year. Imagine floral purple, berry red, burgundy, and brown to rule the walls.


You can expect natural wood to return to its glorious days. Modern homeowners have chosen black and white over natural wood cabinets for some time. But this trend can reverse, with alder and birch getting some pace. Walnut and white oak are also around. Still, the other two have better grain patterns and sustainability.

Nevertheless, one can do more to spice up things in their kitchen by blending natural wood with metal accents. For example, you can get golden hardware for your natural wood cabinets to give them a polished appearance. Other popular kitchen materials include stone and marble. Those who like a dramatic vibe in their kitchen without depending a lot on the wall paints can install stone or marble countertops. Ask your handyman if he can handle this area. Your kitchen makeover task will become simpler.

Like these, you can explore other areas for details. No matter your choice, a perfect 2024 kitchen should efficiently manage all your needs. Please don’t hesitate if this means customizing and optimizing storage spaces to organize everything well. Building an appliance garage will be a great idea to free your countertop of a toaster oven, blender, and coffee machine. Such arrangements are also favourable for your kitchen’s aesthetics.