Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair Review

Working from home has become pretty common in recent times. However, it can be stressful sometimes. One of the best ways to improve your productivity and avoid health issues like lower back pain is to upgrade your office chair.

While there are different types of office chairs available in the market, we found that Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair is the most effective one to add to your workspace. We have reviewed the development of the chair, the comfort and ease of using the chair, its warranty, and various other categories, and what we found is that this chair is an extremely user-friendly chair because of its material, design, and adjustable features. This article will provide you with all the specification details of this chair and offer a critical Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair review.

What Is So Special About Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair?

The most impressive thing about the Goodtone brand is that they focus on creating a balance between the movements of your body and the chair so that you can work for a long time without feeling any discomfort and physical fatigue. This brand also claims that they focus on improving your psychological well-being.

Yucan chair is a fabric chair that consists of comfortable material, rather than leather, sponge, or mesh. This fabric chair is not only soft, warm, and skin-friendly but also breathable like a mesh chair. Yucan chairs will make you feel safe and eliminate the feelings of being detached in your working environment.

Product NameYucan
Base MaterialPowder coated aluminium alloy
Back MaterialFabric 3D textured for fresh air pass
Seat MaterialHigh quality foam cushion
Lift SystemKGS class 4 gas lift
AdjustabilityUp/Down adjustable
Warranty5 years

Some Important Features

Here are some important features of Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair-

  • Yucan Mechanism:

At the core of the Yucan high-performance task chair, there is a honeycomb support system. The honeycomb-like hexagonal structure takes place at the interior of the chair and an air layer fabric wraps the contour line. To close the honeycomb mesh structure firmly, there is a simple and inventive hexagonal interlocking system. The air holes at the chair’s seat back are useful to improve breathability and heat indulgence. Along with this, Yucan chairs consist of resin material to enhance the back frame’s overall flexibility.

  • Seat Back and Cushion:

As we mentioned earlier, the seat back and cushion of this chair rely on a honeycomb support system and consist of comfortable fabric material, instead of leather, sponge, or mesh. The innovative support system evenly distributes the force produced by the back movement. As there are multi-vent holes on the seat back, it improves breathability and heat indulgence.

  • 3-D Air Layer Fabric:

A 3-D air layer fabric that consists of polymer fibers is composed of a three-layer composite structure. As a result, it enhances the softness and breathability of the chair.

  • Armrests:

The armrests of this chair offer a soft support point for the user’s elbows. The armrest has also an extension function to meet the needs of different body types.

  • Aluminium Alloy Base:

To provide strength and durability to the chair, the aviation section consists of aluminium alloy with a powder coat. The powder coating protects the chair from oxidization.

  • Adjustment Function:

The Yucan Ergonomic chair offers various adjustment functions, such as 1.5-circle leaning force adjustment, seat sliding function, seat lifting function, and seat-back leaning locking function.

How We Reviewed the Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair?

To review on Yucan chair, we have tested various user-friendly areas. Let’s find out-

Comfort and Adjustment

  • Cushion:

We felt extremely comfortable after sitting down on the chain and the seat offers the same level of comfort after using a long time.

  • Seat Back:

This chair has a curved back support that is aligned with our back when we rest our back on the chair. The seat back is really comfortable and useful for long-time work.

  • Armrest:

The armrests are comfortable and suitable for different people.

  • Adjustment:

We have checked the adjustment functions of the chair for different heights, angles, depths, and armrest height adjustments and we have found that this chair is easy to adjust depending on your needs.


We carefully watched the materials of the chair and relied on the first impression to evaluate the materials. On first impression, the chair’s fabric, finishing, and armrest materials seem pretty good and reliable.


The overall appearance of this chair is really attractive. The chair will also enhance the beauty of your work-from-home office.


Goodtone offers five years warranty period and we think the length of the warranty is fairly enough. So, this is our review of the Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair. We think this chair is worth buying. You can also verify with other sources before purchasing the Yucan chairs.