Custom Video Surveillance Systems Provide Superior Protection

Video surveillance systems are highly useful for preventing crime and recording evidence when it occurs. Whether you want to protect your home, a place of business, or both, a video surveillance system can effectively deter criminal activity. They also can help to monitor for potential fire, flooding, or other catastrophes.

Many people purchase relatively standardized surveillance systems, but those systems do not necessarily provide the best protection against criminal activity. Instead of using standardized video surveillance systems in Schaumburg, or other communities in Illinois, a customized system can provide superior protection. Here is a closer look at the benefits of a custom video surveillance system for your home, place of business, or another property.

Elements of a Video Surveillance System

A video surveillance system is available in two types. Those are internet protocol or analog systems for recording and storing video. Both are effective at capturing video evidence of whatever might occur within the viewing range of the cameras. Internet protocol creates digital recordings, while analog uses traditional video stored on tapes.

Commonly used video surveillance systems in Schaumburg and other Illinois communities typically contain:

  • Cameras
  • Monitor
  • Cable
  • Video recorders
  • Data storage

Those five components enable internet protocol and analog systems to record and store video footage. The stored footage could be reviewed if a criminal act were to occur or some accident occurs, and causes damage or other harm. The footage is only as good as the system that captures it. That is why custom video surveillance systems are best for protecting properties.

How Custom Surveillance Systems Improve Security

The installation of custom video surveillance systems in Schaumburg homes and businesses starts with assessing the specific needs of a particular property. A property will have some areas that are relatively well-lit and secure. Other areas might be darker at night and more hidden from plain view, raising the potential for criminal activity, accidents, or other mishaps.

A security expert can review your property, assess its vulnerabilities, and design a custom video surveillance system that provides superior protection. That system might include improving lighting in darkened areas so traditional video cameras can monitor the area more effectively. Another option might be to use infrared systems that see through the dark and capture activity that a standard video camera might not see.

All Locales Experience Crime

Crime is a virtual constant across the nation. You might live in a relatively small and quiet community where crime seems nonexistent, but that is not the case. For example, Schaumburg has a well-earned reputation as one of the safest communities to live in Illinois. A close inspection shows that local crime still threatens local homes and businesses. The crime rate in Schaumburg is much lower than the crime rate in nearby Chicago, which most people would expect. Its violent crime rate also is less than half that of the national average.

Despite having a significantly lower violent crime rate, the city’s property crime rate is about equal to the national average, which affirms property crime is a real possibility in Schaumburg and other relatively safe communities in Illinois and nationwide. A custom video surveillance system will help to make residential and commercial properties safer in virtually all locales.