6 Essential Items to Add to Your Move Out Cleaning List

Are you moving to a new abode?

Make the transition smoother with a spotless farewell to your old place! A thorough move-out cleaning is not just courteous; it’s often required to secure your deposit.

Discover the key items to tackle that not only ease your move but also ensure a fresh start for the new residents. Let’s dive into the essentials on your move out cleaning list that will make the process as efficient and stress-free as possible!


Ensuring your kitchen appliances look as good as new is crucial when moving out. Start with the refrigerator: remove all food, defrost if necessary, and clean the shelves and walls with a gentle cleaner.

Don’t overlook the oven and microwave; scrub off any baked-on food and wipe down all surfaces. For the dishwasher, check the filter and wipe the edges where grime builds up.

Lastly, a stainless steel cleaner can make sinks and faucets shine. Clean appliances show you care and help secure your deposit.

Cabinets and Drawers

Next up, focus on the cabinets and drawers. Empty them and sweep away any crumbs or dust. Use a simple cleaning spray and a rag to wipe the insides and the handles.

Don’t forget the top of the cabinets, where grease and dust can gather. This is often missed during regular cleaning but is important for transition cleaning. A few wipes can make them look neat and cared for.

Walls and Baseboards

Walls and baseboards attract scuffs and dirt over time, which can be very visible during a move-out inspection. For wall cleaning, use a sponge and soapy water to wipe away any marks. Pay special attention to areas around light switches and door frames.

Baseboards may need extra effort; you can tackle these with a damp cloth and a bit of mild detergent. A deep cleaning of these surfaces makes a room shine and shows you’ve taken good care of the place.

Windows and Mirrors

Make your windows and mirrors sparkle with a bit of elbow grease! Create a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar for an effective, natural cleaner. Spray it on glass surfaces and use a squeegee or a lint-free cloth to wipe away grime and streaks.

Remember to clean both the inside and outside of windows. For mirrors, a quick wipe can make a room look brighter and more inviting.


Your floors take a beating every day, so give them a final polish before you leave. Carpeted areas may need a good vacuum and possibly a steam clean to remove stains and odors.

Hard floors should be swept, and then mopped with a mix of warm water and floor cleaner. Pay extra attention to corners and under furniture where dirt hides.


When it comes to bathrooms, cleanliness is key! First, scrub the toilet inside and out. Next, tackle the shower and tub by washing away soap scum and water spots.

Don’t forget to wash the sink, wipe down countertops, and polish the mirrors. If you’re short on time or need help, consider hiring house cleaners to ensure a deep clean.

Make Your Move Easier With a Move Out Cleaning List

Using your move out cleaning list can make saying goodbye to your old place easier. It helps you remember every spot that needs cleaning.

When you check off everything on your list, you can feel proud and ready to move. Plus, it’s a nice thing to do for the next person who will make your old house their new home!

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