5 Essential Elements of Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse decor focuses on rustic materials and vintage-inspired fixtures. Galvanized buckets, for example, can be used as decorative vases or to chill beer and wine.

A classic apron sink is another staple of the farmhouse style. Add a vintage faucet for a charming touch. Decorative chalkboards are great for writing out a to-do list or family menu.

Distressed Furniture

Distressed furniture is a hallmark of the farmhouse style. It can be found in dining room tables, chairs, buffets, sideboards, and headboards. The distressed finish can be paired with delicate carving or painted floral details for a classic, shabby chic look.

Whites and neutrals are the go-to colors for this style, but the farmhouse color palette also includes shades of green, blue, burgundy red, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and tan. These colors pair with natural wood finishes, wicker, rattan, canvas upholstery, and other organic materials.

Displaying secondhand scores is a great way to infuse farmhouse style into your home. From kitchen utensils and shelving to galvanized metal pieces, these treasures can be found at architectural salvage stores and flea markets.


A staple of farmhouse style, beadboard adds a timeless touch to any room. Its dimensionality provides visual interest while adding insulation and hiding chair bumps and scuffs. It can be used as wainscoting, ceiling paneling, or even entire walls in informal spaces like porches and kitchens.

Embroidered linens and handmade lace are another favorite choice for fabric in farmhouse decor, as are cotton in simple patterns like gingham or toile. Textural natural solids and denim also add to a homespun look. 

Layer in some mixed metal accents—aged bronze and matte black work well together—through lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware, and architectural details. But keep these metals subdued in contrast to earth tones and warmer neutral shades.

Barn Boards

Typically salvaged from barns and sheds, reclaimed barn board is a famous accent for farmhouse home decor. Its natural color and texture make it an attractive wall surface for kitchens and living rooms, with or without paint. Scratches, nicks, and other signs of wear are part of the charm.

The washed, organic tones of barn boards work well with various materials and colors. They’re lovely when used to create functional farmhouse kitchen shelving with a collection of mason jars, vases, and other decorative items.

Another great use of reclaimed wood is to add it to walls as beadboard or wainscoting. This wall treatment helps establish a visual foundation in bedrooms, bathrooms, and entryways. It also works beautifully with rustic accents like a nail-punched tin with steaming pies, roosters, or tractors.

Exposed Wood Beans

Modern home decor tends to focus on clean lines, but a farmhouse accent or two can bring warmth and personality to any room. For example, a quaint sign or a touch of color can add country charm to an ultramodern white kitchen.

Faux wood beams offer a cost-effective way to achieve the look of exposed reclaimed wooden beams without a massive price tag. Use them to break up a wall of white cabinetry or as a focal point in a dining room.

A wooden cabinet display provides the perfect place for displaying a collection of jars, books, and decorative pieces. Fill it with a mix of patterned and solid fabrics for added interest. Mix in metal accents, too, to balance out the neutrals of a modern farmhouse.

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets add farmhouse flair to your home office, living room, or kitchen. 

Iron wall sconces are another classic farmhouse accent that dates back to when candles lined walls before electricity. Framed botanical prints also work well in a farmhouse-style home.

A chalkboard can add a personalized touch to any decorative vignette in your home. Keep track of family chores, make a to-do list, or create a daily menu with this rustic home decor idea. Wood picture frames are perfect for showing off your family and are a staple in many farmhouse homes. Oversized wall clocks are a great way to complete your farmhouse decor.