4 Types of Demolition Methods for Houses

Often, you see in the city space that old buildings are broken down to build new ones. In the modern city space, you will see old and rugged buildings with many issues torn down to make way for structured buildings. This process of breaking houses is called demolition. 

You can understand an aggressive way of turning houses into dust from work and building new ones over that. Consequently, there is a process of breaking down the building. You require proper planning to ensure that you break the structure properly. 

Apologies ahead. We are not discussing the film of Jake Gyllenhaal. Rather, it is about our house, which needs ratification and rebuilding like the Post-structure theory of Derrida.

That is why, in the present section, we will figure out different ways of demolition methods for houses. Therefore, kindly look into the next section to learn more about it. 

Different Types Of Demolition Methods For Houses 

The demolition method is necessary to break down houses properly and build a sustainable ground for new homes to be built. Therefore, you need to know different methods from engineering to non-engineering methods. This will ensure that you can break down structure in a sustainable way. 

Here are a few demolition methods you can apply for your structure – 

Manual Demolition 

This is one of the common methods that break big and small structures. It is one of the non engineering methods where people structure with hammers, picks, and wire cutters. In the past manual method broke buildings, and at present, its relevance is seen in small structures. 

For this, you need to remove the water tank from the roof and start breaking the rooftop. Before that, you should demolish the first floor. This will ensure everything is in order as you move on to the next feet. 

Wrecking Ball Method 

It is an engineering method and not a song by Miley Cyrus. Therefore, please don’t get too emotional about it. The wrecking ball is a modern method that allows engineers to break big or small structures. All they need to do is forcefully tell the crane driver to hit the large ball into the building. 

This way, you can break the exterior and interior of the house. However, you need to give some space for the crane to move freely and put the ball into the building. Hence, it is a proven method of breaking larger and smaller buildings. The only issue that comes from it is the wiring of the house, which creates a problem during demolition. 

Implosion Technique 

This technique is something new on the list. It is a modern way and provides a brilliant way of breaking large buildings easily. In addition, the implosion technique uses RDX and other explosives, which ensures that the structure breaks down properly. 

For this, holes are made in the building 25 to 50 mm deep. This helps to plant the explosives in the building, which will help you to break the building properly from top to bottom. The technique will ensure there is a hint of the previous structure. All of it bites the dust. 

That is why it is one of the preferred choices of every engineer in the world. 

Bursting Technique 

Another addition to the list is the bursting technique, which helps engineers to dismantle houses properly. For this, they use a water gun, chemical expansive agent, and other things that exert from the exterior and break the building throughout. 

Generally, there are two types of bursting techniques: static and dynamic. Both methods weaken the building from the outside, making concrete and brick lose their grip and break apart. This way, they can damage the structure without actually harming the neighbor. 

The Bottom Line 

In the concluding statement, we can say different demolition techniques are necessary to break big and small structures. This way, you can build space and area to create something new and better. Also, the methods ensure that you are harming the environment while breaking the building. 

Therefore, you can choose the ones from the discussion we had in the other section.